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This isn’t your average Make-A-Wish foundation. Step into an American subculture, where hunting dreams come true for boys and girls deprived of a typical childhood.

When Make-A-Wish wouldn’t grant Matthew Pattison his dream of hunting a moose, his mother Tina took matters into her own hands. Ten years later she finds herself at the helm of one of the most popular wish granting foundations in America, Hunt of a Lifetime.


The Harvest chronicles the success of Hunt of a Lifetime and three wish recipients faced with the uncertainty of life, the untimely loss of innocence, and the struggle to provide for one’s own. Follow Tyler, Arianna, and Casey as they brave the greatest challenge of their life: hunting and killing the animal of their dreams.
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Age 14
Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Wish: Black bear, Maine
Tyler is a modern day frontiersman, observant of the ebb and flow of nature and its critters. His time spent hunting, fishing, and trapping holds a purpose that goes beyond the carefree attitude of a typical teen. At age 13, Tyler was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Fighting the disease into remission, Tyler regained his strength and a sense of self that escapes most in their youth. Hunt of a Lifetime sent Tyler on a Black Bear hunt in Maine. Accompanied by his father, Darren, Tyler spent a week enjoying the New England wilderness and that which it provides.
Age 14
Spina Bifida, kidney failure
Wish: Merriam’s Turkey,
South Dakota
Arianna has an unwavering smile that shows a strength undaunted by her constant struggles to survive. Born with Spina Bifida and waiting on a kidney transplant, Arianna is limited to a wheel chair, requires daily dialysis, and constantly battles infection. However, growing up in a hunting family has instilled Arianna with a love for the outdoors and afforded her opportunities to hunt with the best of them. Hunt of a Lifetime sent Arianna on a Merriam’s Turkey hunt in Custer, South Dakota. Accompanied by her parents, Bill and Laura, her siblings, and a TV crew for a hunting network, Arianna spent a week in the Black Hills on the lookout for a respectable gobbler.
Age 20
Brain tumor (in remission)
Wish: Elk, New Mexico
Casey, age 20, is a stubbornly independent young man looking to make his own way in this world. As a child, surgery to remove a brain tumor left him with little to no sight. Now legally blind, Casey is eager to lead a normal life and prove to others that he has no limitations. Hunt of a Lifetime sent Casey on an Elk Hunt in New Mexico. Accompanied by his father, Ken, Casey spent a week making new friends, tackling the terrain, and searching for the elk that would provide for the family that has cared for him.
Founder & President,
Hunt of a Lifetime
When Tina’s son, Matthew, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, all he wanted to do for his final wish was hunt moose in Canada. Denied by Make-a-Wish due to the involvement of firearms, Tina set out on her own to make her son’s dream come true. Tina’s success in rallying support for Matthew and eventually others led to the start of her own organization, Hunt of a Lifetime. Known as Matthew’s legacy, Hunt of a Lifetime grants hunting wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. In its 10 years of existence, Hunt of a Lifetime has spanned 48 states, 3 countries, and touched the lives of over 650 children. It is Tina’s selflessness, determination, and grit that stands as the backbone of Hunt of a Lifetime.

A FILM BY GABRIEL DELOACH 2011 CONTACT: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 757-329-0917