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Joe Read with his moose mount done by Brian Claar of Brian's Customer Taxidermy out of East Freedom, PA

Blaine Renn with his wild boar mount done by Bobby Hamilton of Hamilton's Wildlife Art Studio in Nashville, Michigan in association with the Michigan Taxidermy Association
Blaine Renn with his dad Rich Renn on his hunt

David Law with his elk mount done by Sean West (pictured) of Captured Expressions Taxidermy out of Post Falls, ID
David Law with (right to left) his friend Jaden, Jaden's dad Todd, John Law (David's Dad) and Ben Dorn, the owner of Broken Arrow Elk Ranch.

Austin Hunt with his elk mount done by Duane Bolk of Mountin Man Taxidermy out of Knox, PA

Mason Minnier with his red stag mounted by Darcy Ryder of Ryder's Taxidermy out of Muncy, PA

Austin Riggs with his elk mounted by the Kentucky Taxidermy Association.
Austin Riggs Wade Calvert on the left and Kenny LeCompt on the right. They are part of the Kentucky Taxidermy Association out of Georgetown, KY.

Owen Salisbury's elk mount done by Darrell Ledford of Darrell's Taxidermy out of Chesterfield Township, MI. I have emailed his dad to see if he would send me a couple pictures with Owen in the picture with his elk.

Timothy Tollett with his moose mount and Tim's Dad on the left.
Timothy Tollett on the right and Mark Wisely on the left who is the taxidermist who mounted the moose. He is from Wisely's Wildlife Art out of Cottage Grove, OR.

Ronald Robillard with his Elk mount done by Parky's Taxidermy out of Indian River, Michigan

Kayla Romero with her Moose mount done by Lee Gallegos of Wildlife Unlimited Taxidermy Studio out of Las Vegas, New Mexico

Kayla Doss with her Gray Snapper done by Gray Taxidermy out of Pompano Beach, Florida

Ryan Willis with his Elk Mount done by Michelle Burkholder of Laurel Mountain Taxidermy out of Mill Run, Pennsylvania

Kyle Wyss with his black bear mount and Roger Carlson of Howling Taxidermy out of Lacrosse, Wisconsin

C.J. George's Mule Deer. Taxidermist was Chip Johnston of Genesis Studio in Harper, Texas

Michael Grier with his Mule Deer and also Russell Gaddis of Southern Critters Taxidermy in Tallapoosa, Georgia

Blake Hulliberger and his Moose. Taxidermy done by The Wildlife Gallery Studio.

Ryan Johnson's Elk. Taxidermist was Paul Czarnecki of Tri State Taxidermy in Waterford, Pennsylvania

Abe Linner and his Walleye. Taxidermist is Gray Taxidermy from Pompano Beach, Florida

William McClendon's Elk Mount with taxidermists Kevin Whitmore (on left) and Vince Waters (on right) of Dead on Taxidermy in Springerville, Arizona

Michael Osowski with his Elk mount and John and Barb Hoffman of West Side Taxidermy out of West Bend, Wisconsin

Robert Raines with his Moose Feet and Antler mount done by Pat Grimes of Walker Taxidermy in Walker, Minnesota

Leah Manth and her caribou with Darryl Witkop (Taxidermist) from N. Tonawanda, NY (2013 Hunt)

Ryan Horomanski with his red stag. The taxidermist was Paul Czarnecki of Tri State Taxidermy in Waterford, PA (2013 Hunt)

Case Beken and his elk. Taxidermist was Derek Dieringer of Woodbury Taxidermy in Ingram, Texas ( 2014 Hunt)

Mason Brantley and his Jack Rabbit. The taxidermist was D. Price of Outback Taxidermy in Youngsville, NC.

David Cain and his Elk. The taxidermist was Grant Shaffer of Mountain Top Taxidermy in Windber, PA

Ashley Church with her Elk. The taxidermist was Steve Bushey of Top Of The Knoll Taxidermy in St. Albans, VT

Seth Davis with his Elk and Mike Fritz the taxidermist of Sportsman's Taxidermy in Pemberville, OH